Photoszene On Ear

Photoszene ON EAR: Podcast with DieMotive

Themes of this year's exhibitions within the framework of Photoszene United or individual works are reappraised or contextualized from a photo-historical perspective. This format does not aim for completeness, but can only pick out exemplary works or exhibitions that are thematically appropriate. For example, the embedding of individual works in photographic genres (documentary photography, press photography, advertising photography, etc.) is conceivable, which are then explained in more detail, or an iconographic style analysis. In this way, the Photoszene aims to embed current artistic trends and media in a larger overall context, thus building a bridge between the here and now and the history of the medium. All episodes are in german language.
DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #1: Heide Häusler & Damian Zimmermann
About the beginnings of the festival, the different formats, the emancipation from Photokina and making festivals in times of a pandemic. A short introduction to this year's Photoszene.

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #2: Inga Schneider about Artist Meets Archive 
A conversation with Inga Schneider about Artist Meets Archive, the internet as a repository, working with archives, and the different approaches of the participating artists, who also have a word in this episode and describe their work with the various archives. With Rosângela Rennó, Joan Fontcuberta, Anna Orlowska, Yasmine Eid Sabbagh and Philipp Goldbach.

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #3: "Automobile Frauen"
A conversation with Wolfgang Vollmer about the exhibition "Automobile Frauen" at the auction house Jens Scholz as part of Photoszene United. About Bernd Dicke's passion for collecting, amateur photography, women and cars and the possibility to describe photography based on five amateur photos. The conversation took place in cooperation with Miriam Zlobinski.

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #4: MEMORY II
A conversation with Birgit Laskowski and Linda Nadji about the work MEMORY II in the gallery Zero Fold. It is about the social image and wedding photographs in Iran before Khomeini took power in 1979. The work of Linda and Reza Nadji, who unfortunately could not be present at the shooting, consists of photographs from the photo studio of Linda and Reza's father. The work was shown as part of this year's Photoscene.

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #5: "Vor Ort – Fotogeschichten zur Migration"
A conversation with curator Ela Kaçel at Museum Ludwig about the exhibition "Vor Ort - Fotografiegeschichte zur Migration". It is about migration, localization through photography, private stories and public photographs, but also about rent sharks, long hair, house fights and strikes...

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #6: Rosalind Fox Solomon
A conversation about the exhibition "Flowing Back and Forth" with Julian Sander about family history, the path from jazz pub to gallery, and of course Rosalind Fox Solomon, August Sander and Diane Arbus. The magic of photography, skateboarding and the beauty of portraits were also topics. 

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #7: Photographic Attacks in Public Space
En conversation with Prof. Iris Utikal and Prof. Michael Gais, about the exhibition and the project "Photographic Attacks in Public Space". The project is a cooperation of the Cologne International School of Design, Photoszene Köln and media partner Stroer. It is about advertising space, public space and intervention with the means of photography.