Durch die Stadt mit... / Through the city with...

The art educators Antonia Gruber and Floria Maria Ude visit selected exhibitions of Photoszene United. During Photoszene United, tours of the exhibitions are created in small clips through Cologne's art scene, from the independent art space to the gallery and the museum, and it shows how diverse the photography scene in Cologne is. They talk to the artists and curators and learn many interesting details about the exhibited works. All Videos are in german language.

Through the city with... Feli und Pepita "In My Room" / Kulturkirche Ost
In the first edition of "Through the city with..." we talk to a very dedicated artist duo about their exhibition at Kulturkirche Ost. Feli and Pepita talk about the genesis of the photo project "In My Room" to their book tied to the exhibition and the same. The artist duo photographed over sixty children and young people in their rooms and conducted interviews with them.

Through the city with... Hamza Ben Rachad "Unwanted Skin" / Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage
"Through the city with..." continues! In the Fuhrwerkswaage respectively at the Fuhrwerkswaage is the "Mountainview Gallery". We talk about the artist Hamza Ben Rachad in a solution-oriented and creative exhibition organization. He deals with the plastic flood in a humorous way.

Through the city with... Btihal Remli "The Djinn Diaries" / Gemeinde Köln
In the third edition we are guests in the community of Cologne and talk with the artist Btihal Remli about her exhibition, which shows visual notes of the last three years - writing, illustrations, video, photographs and artifacts are installed in the space and tell with restraint and clarity about the search for the Djinn.

Through the city with... Gerd Bonfert / Galerie Thomas Rehbein
Gerd Bonfert's analogue photographs visualize time and make things visible that the human eye cannot grasp. To this day, the artist resolutely refrains from any technical manipulation of his prints, without this becoming a mannerism. Antonia Gruber and Floria Maria Ude learn more about the artist's work.

Through the city with... Dietmar Schneider / artothek
Dietmar Schneider has accompanied the art scene with his camera since the 1960s. In the process, numerous portraits of artists were created, which were edited by those portrayed, supplemented or corrected in the sense of their work, and finally sent back to Schneider.